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    Commercial Window Tint    
    A Smart Investment!

Installation of windows films should be considered for any building where people gather - inside office complexes, retail centers, industrial facilities, government offices, schools and hospitals. Few investments can produce such an impressive array of benefits; a proven financial payback, protection of people and property, a more comfortable and productive work environment and enhanced building aesthetics.

Save Energy
Sun-Gard solar control window films block out much of the suns heat in summer and reduce some heat loss during the winter. Utility bills are lowered because air-conditioning and heating systems do not have to work as hard. The energy savings can be estimated for your building by a qualified dealer.

Protect Against the Suns Damaging Rays
Sun-Gard films also screen out virtually all ultraviolet (UV) radiation and heat cause the vast bulk of fading of carpeting, furnishings, furniture and display merchandise, our films help keep merchandise and furnishings inside the glass looking new. The virtual elimination of UV radiation is also highly beneficial to people. Invisible UV rays are a major environmental contributor to skin cancer and premature skin aging.

Increase Comfort & Productivity
Sun-Gard window films can help create a more comfortable environment by reducing hot and cold spots on different sides of a building, or between locations nest to windows and those in interior spaces. Also, the suns glare is reduced for those people near windows especially when the sun reflects off water or snow. Finally, our privacy films can turn glass-partitioned areas into secluded areas. All this translates into added comfort for workers and visitors and happier building tenants.

Enhance Building Aesthetics
The application of a property selected window film can enhance the visual appeal of many buildings. It can make windows complement the color scheme of a building and make all the windows look uniform. Bright graphic films can promote the company name or products and services.