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Image by the blowup
Image by Saad Ahmad

Enhance Your Building, Office or Home
with Courage glass enhancement films

Glass enhancement films work by using existing glass and enhancing them in a variety of ways. The applications for glass enhancement range from providing purely decorative effects to corporate identification to meeting renovation and construction needs. The benefits of these films are limited only by the imagination.


Textured films include opaque (or frosted), bronze & grey. These films mimic sandblasted glass and are a great alternative to the usual costly and time consuming process of etched glass. They let in a great deal of light yet hinder visibility. Other popular textured films include rice paper and clear etched.


Graphic coloured films come in a variety of different colours and are a great alternative to vinyl. These transparent films allow you to create immaculate signage while allowing outward visibility during the day time.

Abstract Glass

Light Density

Glass enhancement films come in varying degrees of light densities including block out which offer total privacy. They provide an economical alternative to building new walls to replace windows.


Many of our glass enhancement films are already pre-printed to offer the effects of stained glass, symmetrical patterns or stamped metal to name a few.


Remember these films can also be computer cut for unique one-of-a-kind images and designs.

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