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48998 Yale rd east 

Chilliwack, B.C. V4Z0B2 

604-794-7789 office 

604-795-1678 cell

EST. 1990

Get to Know Us

We are a family owned and run business.

Founded by Charles Fast in April of 1990.

Each one of his Children, including his son-in-law have helped run the shop and have mastered the skills of tinting along with the even more important skill of great customer service.

Riley Fast, Charles and Candaces youngest son has recently taken over the everyday operations of the shop and he is the one most of you will meet when you come in.

Charles still works in the back helping with 3M paint protection products as well as supporting Riley as he positions himself to run the business independently.

We couldn't be more excited for him to take this little shop in the country even further and know his work ethic and pride in both customer service and meticulous craftsmanship will be appreciated by many.

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