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with Sunstop Safety & Security film 

Applying security film to the inside surface of glass can help keep glass fragments safely attached to the surface of the film. When installed with an anchoring system the broken glass remains intact, attached to it's frame.

This results in varying degrees of safety and security depending on the construction of the film chosen for the job as well as the type of glass, frame and anchoring system.


'Smash & grab' theft through glass takes place every day with thieves stealing items such as jewelry, electronics, works of art, firearm collections and other valuables.

With Glass-Gard on duty, intruders cannot readily penetrate the glass, even by striking it with a heavy implement like a bat or crowbar. Repeated attempts create more noise and take more time before access can be gained. Since most 'smash & grabs' take place in mere minutes, the resulting time delay and noise are generally sufficient to scare off most would-be thieves in favour of easier targets.


Human to glass impacts such as flying glass due to natural catastrophes (earthquakes & hurricanes), explosions, falling into glass or walking through a pane of glass represent a serious threat to human safety.

Your windows and glass can become invisible barricades instead of deadly, sharp and heavy glass daggers, virtually eliminating this type of injury.


Replacing glass that is damaged or broken is costly. Courage safety window film is a more cost-effective solution. When affixed to the exterior of window glass, it is an invisible shield that takes abuse, helping to protect the window glass. It can successfully install on stainless steel structures such as telephone booths & bathroom stalls.


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